Two Day ICC Prep and Assessment

Client:     Skippers (Day Skipper, Sail Canada Intermediate or equivalent), wanting to charter in Europe

Dates:     TBD

Info:        Two day live-aboard.

An ICC or International Certificate of Competence (more properly the International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft) is proof of your ability to skipper a boat (of various sizes and categories) when asked for documentation by authorities in many (but not all) foreign countries.  Note that the emphasis should be on the fact this is for pleasure craft only. It is not a substitute for a commercial skipper’s ticket (this includes delivery skippers).

This is a combination refresher (to practice theory and maneuvers for the assessment on day one, especially MOB) and ICC assessment on the second day.

If you already have the practical and theoretical skills up to or higher than the level of RYA Day Skipper, this is the course for you.

An RYA instructor will spend the first day reviewing your sailing skills and theoretical abilities (including collision regs) and getting you familiar with the boat.  The second day will be the ICC exam itself.  At the end, the instructor will either recommend or not recommend you for ICC eligibility.

During the refresher on the first day, we review:

  1. Basic Collision Regulations – potential for collision, proper lookout, safe speed, give-way, stand-on, narrow channels, sound signals and distress signals, navigation lights and shapes, Traffic Separation Schemes.
  2. Safety – Life Jackets (PFDs), distress alerting (e.g. DSC VHF, EPIRB, Flares, etc.) , Fire extinguishers
    Preparation for sea (engine checks, fuel range, duration of trip).  Obtain weather forecast.
  3. Navigation – 
    • Can interpret a navigational chart, understand significance of charted depths and drying heights and can identify charted hazards
    • Can plot position by cross bearings and by latitude / longitude
    • Can determine magnetic course to steer, making allowances for leeway and tidal stream
    • Can use a tide table to find times and heights of high and low water at a standard port
    • Can determine direction and rate of tidal stream from a tidal stream atlas or tidal diamonds on a chart
    • Understands basic use of GPS
  4. Pilotage –
    • Can recognise, by day and night, and understand significance of buoys of the IALA system
    • Knows sources of information on: local regulations, port entry and departure signals, VTS and Port Operations Radio
    • Can plan a harbour entry/departure, taking account of possible presence of large vessels and avoiding navigational hazards
  5. On-the-Water – 
    • Give safety briefing and prepare for departure
    • Depart from dock
    • 360° Turn in Confined Space
    • Securing to Buoy
    • Man Overboard
    • Handling Under Sail
    • Coming Alongside Windward Pontoon

On successful completion of your RYA ICC exam  your name, contact details, date of birth, certificate number and date of issue will shared with the RYA through a secure web portal on The data will be stored on the RYA’s central database. This information allows the RYA to record your qualification, to update any records they may hold for you, and to verify or replace your certificate if required. For further information on how the RYA will deal with your data, please see the RYA’s privacy policy at

Fees and Booking

Includes lunches aboard, accommodation for the night between the prep and exam.

Price $950.00.

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