Q:  what about meals and cooking?

A:  Food preparation and cooking are done on a share-and-share-alike basis. We all take part with cooking and cleanup. When the weather is good we barbecue. Food is bought fresh just before each course.

Q: I have food sensitivities …..

A:  We look after any dietary restrictions. Just let us know a week or so before the course, or when you register. We will accommodate you.

Q:  What about Parking?

A:  If you arrive in your own car, you may park it in the Marina parking lot for the duration of your course. It is secure.

Q:  I am flying in to Halifax. How do I get to the marina?

A:  We can provide a shuttle service. You can be met right at the baggage carousel and brought to the Atlantica Hotel and Marina Oak Island. The price is $80, cash. The trip is about an hour. Most people who fly in stay at the hotel – and the marina is about a 2 minute downhill mosey.

All we need to know is your flight information.

Q:  How long is your sailing season?

A:  We start up right after 15 May and deliver on-the-water courses until mid October.

Q:  How many students do you take?

A:  We take at most three. The only exception is if there are two couples booking. No one likes a crowded boat or not getting lots of time on the helm.


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